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Nord Quest 2010 - Guided enduro tour to Kola Peninsula
Marroco Scout Tour 2010
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GS Challenge 2009 Latvija
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Morocco 2017 
New adventure - Back to Morocco
Trip starts today! We are in Spain already.
First troubles -  even before leaving Europe.

So, if you want a thing done well, do it yourself. This applies to bike fixing too. We are looking for either a new front wheel or someone who can re-lace it, despite having it done just before departure in Riga. Due to the poorly laced spokes, the wheel is so crooked it is impossible to ride. Luckily, a local mechanic, we have found here on the Spanish coast, will do his best to get the job done by tonight. Wish us luck!

 Iesūtīts: 2017.03.23 16:45
Happy New Year! 

Best wishes!
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Marocco Scout Tour 2011 begins in January 18 

Keep in tuch with our adventure
 Iesūtīts: 2011.01.02 10:08
Marroco Scout tour begins at february 15 

Hi! Adventure in Morroco begins at february 15. Keep in tuch at Track adventures online

 Iesūtīts: 2010.02.13 00:02
Happy New Year 

Good grip olways and everyvere!
 Iesūtīts: 2009.12.31 17:42
New route to North 

Global crisis…Should we therefore refuse going northwards? No way! To do this, Adventurer changes its plans! NordQuest Discover or the short route to the Nordics!
The new route takes shorter time and less money!
Enduro stage in the Kola Peninsula will be exactly 10 days. The route will be breathtaking since the north is the north also in a shorter period of time. Price per each participant of the expedition (motorbike) is 1,950 EUR (planning and preparation of the route, service car and its team, 4 nights in hotels, 3 nights in tourist lodgings, 3 nights in tents, breakfast, lunch, dinner, route maps and souvenirs). The offer is valid until August 1, 2009 providing that the group consists of at least 5 travellers.

 Iesūtīts: 2009.06.10 23:15
GS Challenge Latvia 2009 – in memories 

Already several weeks have passed since the finish of the first GS Challenge in Latvia and participants and organizers can look back and evaluate the event with the time distance. At the suggestion of German colleagues this year such a motor bikers’ event was organized also on this shore of the Baltic Sea.


 Iesūtīts: 2009.06.10 22:42Lasīt vairāk »
Expedition Nord Border had been finished 

On Sunday late afternoon the most successful participants of moto/auto expedition "Northern border" received the prizes provided by ATV Centre, Adventurer, Expedition and Latakko.
Together with the arrival of the spring the events of adventure seekers have been launched! “Green”, “blue”, “red” and “black” routes have already been tried!, Engines - greased! Strength – checked! Thanks to participants, thanks to supporters and the obliging and cooperative owners and managers of the covered territories!
Already on May 15 in Sārnate the start will be given to GS Challenge ! The strong and brave – see you soon on Latvian “Western border”!

Summary here!
Photos here!

 Iesūtīts: 2009.04.24 14:03
GS Challenge Regulations have been published and registration to this ride has been launched  

Hey, hey! Registration to the premiere of this year - GS Challenge Latvia 2009 - has been launched. If you have an enduro tourism motorbike with the engine capacity exceeding 600 ccm and a wish to meet people sharing the same views, you are welcome! BMW is not obligatory!
 Iesūtīts: 2009.04.13 16:27
The photo competition Moto=Foto has ended! The winners have been announced! The exposition in BM Auto has been opened! 

 Hunters have their stories, fishers have their stories and us – bike riders, have our stories too. Where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, what we’ve been though, what we’ve won…some are hard to believe to. Many of these unbelievable events have been taken pictures of, since it is not rare that on your bike a camera is found. When we have a look at all these pictures taken while riding, we see that not only dirt and speed has been taken pictures of, we also see amazing landscapes and odd meetings as well as strange situations. Us - riders, not only do we love wind and speed, but we also see the beauty of life. 
This is why this exposition has been organized. To see the wonders the riders have seen and want to show us, to tell these stories we all have.  

 Iesūtīts: 2009.02.21 11:00Lasīt vairāk »
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