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There are many different activities organized all over the world for people riding motorbikes, including also GS Challenge. It is organized in Africa, USA, Japan and Germany. Now - also in Latvia. 
GS Challenge – it is not a race! It is an adventure, it is a motorcycling trip, a team-work to overcome different problems, it is special tasks, new friends and time spent together with people sharing the same views. Participation in GS Challenge is a challenge to its participants; it is a way to prove one’s skills and abilities.
Traditionally the winner of a GS Challenge is not determined by the chronometer. The winner is the participant who has collected the largest value total of checkpoints and special tasks. Checkpoints can be both- points marked on the map to be located in nature, and hidden checkpoints that can be found only by riding according to indications on the map and legend. Special tasks are related to application of person’s riding skills and wit in different situations experienced along the route.
If you have an enduro motorbike with the engine capacity exceeding 600 ccm, you are welcome to measure swords with other motorbike riders!


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