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The photo competition Moto=Foto has ended! The winners have been announced! The exposition in BM Auto has been opened!
These winning photos have been chosen by jury as well as viewers. The ones who followed the voting must have noticed how very into it people were! The maximum votes for a photo was 126.
But the pictures with fewer votes are all very interesting and extraordinary too. Art is subjective. We all know that. Adventurer opinion will often differ from the opinion of the viewers and sometimes even the jury.
Adventurer, as we all know, is a fan of BMW. BMW bikes have never disappointed us in any of our expeditions. No offence to people preferring other marks… And this is how the idea of looking for the best picture with a BMW was born.

The jury and viewers subjective voting results are these:

 3. place photo VILĪC/Villy Boy, author Aigars Vasilis, place taken Latvia 

 2. vietā bilde SĒNES/Mushrooms, author Andra Baltmane, place taken Latvia

 1. vietā bilde TVEICE/Scorcher, author Toms Rozenbaums, GS Challenge 2008

The exposition can be seen in BM auto (Riga, Latvia), till the 15th of March 2009.

After that it will be taken to Ukraine, Belgium and Germany.

 Thanks to the participants! Thanks to the sponsors and supporters – BM Auto (Latvia) and Ekspedicija! Thanks to the jury and viewers for voting online!

 Iesūtīts: 2009.02.21 11:00

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