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GS Challenge Latvia 2009 – in memories

Brief statistics:
More than 500 km were covered along the roads and paths of Kurzeme;
Five different special tasks;
Four express tasks;
31 participants from Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia.
2.5 days of positive emotions;
Winners in 5 different categories;
Incidents – apart from negligence of some drivers towards private property - none.
Injuries (unfortunately) – one broken collar bone, a rib and a shoulder-blade. 

The basic goal of the contest was to gather motor-driving fans in a positive atmosphere to compete in fulfilling different tasks related to motor driving.

For the orientation stage the checkpoints were located in the territories of Ventspils, Liepāja and Kuldīga regions – in noteworthy places with beautiful landscape and in heavy stages of the route. Although none of the teams visited all the checkpoints disposed by the organizer, the obtained value of the visited checkpoints was considerable for all the teams.

Organizers had used experience and imagination to make the special tasks exciting targets for the participants and an opportunity to gather points. 

Participants covered Rumba forests labyrinths, rode along the line marked on the map yet not marked in real life in the forest tract at Kuldīga, along the Abava river nature park. This task was successfully completed by only three teams out of seven participating in this task. 

Organizers offered a bit of mud, ruinous bridges and disused roads to make driving more different to the participants of the special task "Between two rivers", were the task was to drive in the forest tract according to the legend between the rivers Tebra and Durbe.

 Everybody participating in this task managed to complete it. The figurative name "Atvelkam uz nebēdu" (Fast forward) meant a possibility to enjoy riding laps in "improved” cross-country track.
Sand and water. Those, for whom it initially seemed that there is not enough sand or water, after completing this stage, changed their minds...

Special task "Sārnate forests" – an old unused road in Sārnate forest tract, which is marked in the nature with directional marks.

And, of course, the traditional enduro lap –driving in a rough terrain: a heavy enduro, to complete which a team spirit and wit was need.

Express tasks – novelty for the event organized by Adventurer:

"Ferryman" – place where participants could remember their childhood and catch adrenalin when trying to transport their motorbike across open water. It is not a joke, only real adventurers can accomplish this.

Express tasks "Out of fuel" and "Pitching a tent and making fire" turned out o be a rather complicated task which was successfully completed by only some of the participants’ teams.

The central express task of GS Challenge – to demonstrate individual driving skills and to win the GS Challenge prize.

 Prizes were organized by our supporters: Expedition shop, Mobil 1, Latako and BM Auto.

 Main prize - GPS receiver from Garmin Latvia found its owner as usual - through lottery.

 Participants, although tired, seemed satisfied when headed for home on Sunday, taking with themselves satisfaction about the covered distance, and hopefully also good emotions.

 Let’s meet next year again!

 GS Challenge Latvia results are here.

 Iesūtīts: 2009.06.10 22:42

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