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GS Challenge 2009 Latvija
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Enduro adventure “GS CHALLENGE LATVIA 2009”  

You’re welcome to participate in the Enduro challenge “GS CHALLENGE LATVIA 2009” which is taking place on the 15th -17th of May 2009, in Ventspils, Liepaja and Kuldiga district, Latvia.
There are many activities for bikers all over the world. One of them is GS CHALLENGE. It is organized in Africa, America, Japan, Germany and now in Latvia too.
 GS CHALLENGE is not a race, it is a competition! It is an adventure, it is a motorcycling trip, it is team work when facing all kinds of problems, it is special stages, it is making new friends and time spent with people who think alike. Participating in GS CHALLENEGE is challenge for everyone, a way to prove yourself, that you can do it!

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Starting planning your participation in the annual Enduro Moto trip to the Kola Peninsula – “Nord Quest 2009” 

The annual Moto Expedition is an adventure, a moto trip to the Kola Peninsula - The Far North Land. To see new things, different things that youve seen before. To meet the kind local people you might have only read about. To learn about the way they live, and find out their and their countries history. Hear their stories, and see that the stereotypes we have, are mostly wrong. Go  search and discover this world, so different from ours!
 Catch the wind and your dreams!

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Snowmobile safari on Kola peninsula 

If there is no snow where we are, we can go where there is plenty, by snowmobiles. To the country you’ve known since your childhood - to Lapland. It is the place the wild geese brought Nils to, where the Snow Queen dwells, where Kay went during his quest, where Gerda went to rescue her dear brother. To the country of Fairy-tales and Truth! Therefore safari has been so wistfully named: “Fabulous Lapland”.

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You are welkom to foto compettition!  

Global warming affects everyone. There are many problems concerning this. But one of the good news is that there used to be a beginning and an end of the motorcycling season, now we ride nearly all year long, but still celebrate the days when the season used to end and start. 
So since now is the "end" of the motorcycling season, Adventurer invites motorcycle enthusiasts to send us their photos (to do with motocycling), because we received an invitation to promote tourism and create a moto photographic exhibition, under the name - Moto=Foto.
 Iesūtīts: 2009.01.19 15:31Lasīt vairāk »
Lapas: 1-10 11-14 

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