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Safari by snowmobiles "Fabulous Lapland"

Sure enough, you have known about Lapland a long time – ever since your childhood. It is the place the wild geese brought Nils to, and where Gerda galloped on the reindeer to the Snow Queen’s palace in the quest for Kay (fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen).
The “Fabulous Lapland” snow safari is not just an intensive and exciting route. It is a real adventure, giving you the opportunity to shake off the drudgery of your everyday life, to recall fairy tales, and to look at the world through the eyes of a child again.
The safari route passes through the central part of the Kola Peninsula. On your way, you will appreciate the diversity of the landscape, frequently touched by ice marks left by glaciers. The stern-looking massifs of Khibini are replaced by forest tundra and flatlands on the eastern part of the route.
Moreover, we will acquaint you with the way of life of the native inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula. The people are called the Saams. Today, they are still engaged in grazing reindeer and hunting wild animals, having retained their original ancient culture. 
You will return home and plunge into your business again... but the memories of Lapland will warm the cockles of your heart.

The tour time:  5 days/4 nights

The length of the route: 450 km

Maximum number of people in the group: 12

Safari dates:*
01.02. - 05.02.;
08.02. - 12.02.;
15.02. - 19.02.;
01.03. - 05.03.;
08.03. - 12.03.;
22.03. - 26.03.;
29.03. - 02.04. 

*There are safari dates. Departure date and arival dates is your oun choice. It depends of your individual programm. Tour standart programm you can see there.

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