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Travel route:
Riga - Helsinki - Roviniemi - Inari - Kirkiness - Arctic tundra roads and off-road - Murmansk - Lovozerska - Khibini - Varzuga - Salla - Suomisalmi - Helsinki - Riga.

Expedition Duration: 
The total duration of the expedition is 15 days including the reserve day;
Enduro Stage in Kola Peninsula 10 days including the reserve day.

The beginning of the Enduro part of the expedition is on the evening of 16.08.2010 in the Inari hotel. Here participants who come from countries other than Latvia can join the rest of the group, which has come from Latvia all together.

The end of the Enduro part of the expedition will bee in Finland, hotel Pyhatunturi, on the 08.09.2009 at the latest. There is going to be a dinner to celebrate the end of the Enduro part of the expedition. This is where the participants who aren’t going back to Latvia will be saying their goodbyes.

Departure from Riga: 14.08.2010
Return to Riga: 28.08.2010

Tracks length: 
Lenght of the whole the expedition route, about 5000 km;
Enduro Stage Kola peninsula around 1650 km; 
                 Riding on raods without asphalt and without roads: around 950 km; 
Number of participants:
Max 10 people

Camping cottages, hotels and hotels in very Russian stile, Tonas - old fisherman hut, tents.

... The Arctic, tundra, desert, the White sea, mountain crossings, streams and river fords, reindeers, and unique landscapes. In other words, the adventures, motorcycle experiences and impressions youll never forget!

Journey "Key" moments:

-         A group photo before the 5000 km long, rich adventurous marathon in Finland and the Kola Peninsula
-          Meeting with the expedition members who will join the group, Inari
-        The first serious challenge while driving along the sopka tundra of   the Kola peninsula in the north
-          Reach the top of the, Lovozerskas tundra mountain massif
-          Two-day-long trip along the way for prospectors Lovozerskas mountain massif, with numerous streams and river fords;
-          Overnight in tents middle taiga;
-          Rest Day at Khibinu mountain massif life guard base with a sauna, view mountain passes, and waterfalls
-          Ride along a mapped, but the long-abandoned road from Oktjabrskas to the White sea;
-          The rides along the White sea coast during low tide along the White sea area
-          The tour by the world's northernmost desert sand

The Kola peninsula until recently was a completely closed territory. Currently, it is partially open to travelers, but the situation is changing every moment. There are new treatment areas, roads becoming impracticable. Although we will do our utmost to overcome the obstacles, it is likely that there will need to change the routes and to choose other paths, which differ from the previously contemplated.

If you want to test yourself and your motorcycling skills, and if you want to participate in this expedition, send us an e-mail or call us. If the expedition interests you, but are not sure whether you're suitable, contact the Adventurer, and we will help you decide if you are ready for this adventure of a lifetime.


* Expedition

Origin - Latin "expeditio"  Preparation.

1. Research or any other purpose, made the trip;
2. Organized group of people who carry out such a trip

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