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Expedition "Northern border" successfully finished!

 Adventure expedition “Northern border” has successfully finished in Ape on Sunday evening. Event was a success! With car rescuing activities, broken quadracycles and extravagant motorbike pirouettes…

 Concise statistics about the event


- 9 two-wheel motorbikes;
- 11 four-wheel motorbikes;
- Considerable number of all-wheel-drive cars. 

Some facts about the routes covered during the expedition.

- Green routes 371 km;
- Blue routes 121 km;
- Red routes 30 km;
- Black routes 12 km.

Total number of checkpoints — 88;
Total value of points — 675 points;
The best result – value of the collected points — 610 points*;
The worst result - "-"160 points.

Results here!


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